What to Bring

Driver on a motorcycle

What to Bring to Your Motorcycle Endorsement Test

For your motorcycle:

  • Valid registration paperwork - Please note that we cannot accept expired vehicle registration in accordance with state guidelines.

  • Valid proof of insurance - Insurance documentation may be digital; however, the policy must be active per state mandate.

  • Please note: A motorcycle safety inspection is conducted prior to beginning your test. Your brake light must be working. If you have any questions about the motorcycle inspection, please call our office.

For yourself:

  • DOT-Approved Helmet - Cyclists are required to wear a DOT-approved helmet during the cycle endorsement test. Check the outside back of your helmet for a sticker with the letters “DOT.” See Section Four of the Motorcycle Operator Manual (page 21).

  • Motorcycle permit - Please note that this must be valid through the date of your test. If your permit has expired, you will need to renew it at Secretary of State prior to your test.

  • Photo ID - You may bring a Michigan ID card, student ID, or passport. Alternatively, you may bring a birth certificate.