What to bring to the Road Test

Check Required Documents

All documents must be shown at the time of the test. Please check that you have required documents before scheduling an appointment in case you need to get one replaced.

Applicants Under 18
Applicants 18 or Older (TIP or DSTAR)

Vehicle Requirements

E-Z Way has rental vehicles available to rent in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo for an additional fee. If the applicant is bringing a vehicle, please review the requirements below.

Please note: These requirements are set by the Department of State, not by E-Z Way. Our state-certified examiners cannot start a test with a vehicle that fails inspection.

Required Vehicle Documents
Safety Inspection Requirements
Vehicles from Rental Companies or Dealerships
Interlock Restrictions

Review the Driving Skills Test Study Guide

This document includes information about the test, including what exercises/skills are on the test and how it is scored. We strongly recommend reviewing the entire document before scheduling to ensure applicants have time to practice any skills they will be tested on, including the Basic Control Skills (“parking”) portion of the test.

Driving Skills Test Study Guide